AppSally Review: How Effective Is It For Instagram Growth?

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AppSally, an Instagram growth tool, promises to provide customers with organic traffic, engagements, virtual assistance, and much more. But is it really worth it to pay for this service in order to grow your Instagram? This AppSally review will tell you whether it is a legitimate resource for growing Instagram, or simply another social media marketing con.

If you are still looking for a great website to help you reach your goals then Skweezer, a website that offers similar services to AppSally, is significantly more trustworthy and has received positive customer reviews. We’ve come to the conclusion in this Skweezer Review that if you want to invest money on a real solution for your social media marketing campaign, you should utilize Skweezer rather than AppSally.

Instagram has a huge active user base globally, with 1.44 billion monthly users projected to be reached by 2025. This points to the huge potential that social media platforms have for marketers to grow their brands and businesses.

Due to its low marketing expenses, ability to expose a service or product to a large audience, and continued user growth, social and digital marketing has become the new standard for many enterprises.

Managing and producing content for social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be challenging, especially with high levels of competition. Because of this, many businesses choose to outsource their engagement and growth stimulation. While outsourcing this type of work (like from social media growth service platforms) is acceptable, you should be cautious and do your research before selecting a service to work for your Instagram business.

Knowing where to start and which service is genuinely valuable can get confusing. There are several ways to build, grow, and recruit users for social networking websites.

We explored the “AppSally” website, which promises to give your social media pages – specifically Instagram – a boost. Here’s our review.

Understanding AppSally

AppSally is an online tool that manages your social media marketing initiatives, helps you grow your social media reach and engagement, and offers other services related to building a presence online. 

Screenshot of AppSally landing webpage

We’ll go right into some key red flags that we see with the website’s functionality and the vast number of social networking sites they provide their services for. One of the most visibly negative things about the service that eventually makes customers unhappy is their lack of expertise in one area.

Any dependable service provider will typically provide services for one or two social networking sites. Strangely, AppSally asserts that it can handle a variety of major social media networks.

As a service provider, if you don’t focus on one particular area of competence, you can spread yourself thin. A general maxim is that the more specialized and closely focused a service is, the higher its quality.

screenshot of a product page that user sees on AppSally

As you can see in the image above, they are attempting to broaden their reach to too many social media sites rather than having their services matched with the algorithms of just one or a few platforms. That’s the first hint that perhaps the site doesn’t live up to its claims. 

I want to say again that this Appsally review isn’t meant to put them down or demonise them. Instead, it’s intended to provide you an unbiased opinion focused only on facts.

Let’s examine how AppSally functions and see if it provides the level of service it’s claiming to.

AppSally’s Services

AppSally has a large spread of services for many different social media networks, from Facebook and Twitter, to Pinterest, Quora, Telegram, and more. The key services you can choose are listed below.

Provides You With Organic Traffic

They claim to provide organic traffic to any of your social media networks listed above. You can get viewers for videos, downloads for apps, and more.

Gets Your Content Real-Time Engagement

If you have live content being broadcast, they will provide real-time views/streamers.

Gives You Content Interaction (likes, votes, etc)

You can get votes, views, likes, followers, and more interaction on your content.

Stimulates Conversions 

Users may also get feedback, customer endorsements, sales data, etc. from your website. It seems innocent to seek likes on your Instagram, Facebook, etc., but it is wrong to give fake reviews and make fake purchases (which seems like what this site is offering).

Virtual Assistant Tools

They provide their clients with virtual help for various services, such as marketing, administration, and customer service.

Many More

Additional services include graphic design, coaching, copywriting, and video production.

It all looks too wonderful to be true, yet AppSally has promised to provide it. One platform can’t possibly offer so many distinct services, can it?

Let’s examine the platform’s capabilities in more detail.

What Does AppSally Do?

When you initially visit their website, it has a simple layout that is centered on their services. The website prominently lists all of its services in the menu bar.

Regardless of the service you decide to use, the procedure is as follows.

  • Decide which service you need. The social media option, for instance, will take you to a screen where you must choose the platform from options like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Once you’ve selected the social media platform, you’ll be sent to a page where you can select your marketing goals. They guarantee to provide things like traffic, interaction, conversions, and others.
  • The URL for your platform must be entered after choosing a service.
  • The option to select a target interest will be shown to you when you enter the URL of your social media profile. The service providers assert that they are interested in learning about your target interests in order to deliver an audience interested in that sector.
  • The website then provides you with information on the normal cost of the service. You choose how much you want to pay. Price points won’t become clear to you until you complete this procedure up to this phase.
  • Once you’ve determined how much you’re going to invest, it directs you to the checkout.
  • At the online checkout, you will use your card to make the payment and then wait for the service to be provided.

Their approach has a significant flaw: if you’re a new customer, you won’t be able to comprehend the entire process until you’re in it (especially pricing). Utilizing the service is necessary in order to know how much it’ll cost. Due to the lack of a free trial, you are also taking a risk.

Another issue is their pricing policy. AppSally doesn’t provide uniform pricing, not even for the same platform. Let’s analyze the confusing pricing plan of AppSally.

AppSally’s Pricing Model

Despite some of their packages having prices available, the website does not clearly state how much their services cost. You won’t know how much you’re spending until you give them the URL for the account you want to improve or manage.

Take into account the case where you wish to boost Instagram engagement by concentrating on individuals who are interested in the entertainment industry. In such a case, you will be required to pay a different price than someone who chooses to target a business-related audience.

Basically, the cost varies depending on your target market.

It’s hard to plan marketing campaigns and establish a budget for a certain platform, especially if you’re looking to experience high-level growth. You can’t research the pricing for a certain service with your defined target group before submitting your information and starting the ordering process.

It’s crucial to understand that not all Instagram and social media growth service companies operate in the same manner.

AppSally Reviews By Users

Customer testimonials provide insightful critique of a product or service. Many new users utilize this feedback to assess the reliability of a service. We looked at some of the most well-known and trustworthy customer review websites and what individuals had to say about their experiences with AppSally to see what other customers had to say about their service.

Trustpilot Reviews For AppSally

Sadly, AppSally has no user reviews on Trustpilot. When you search for the website on Trustpilot, nothing comes up. Since AppSally advertises selling “Trustpilot customer reviews,” we assume this is because they are providing phony ratings, which led to them being prohibited from having a Trustpilot page.

We doubt the validity of their whole business because the website offers to sell ratings on a platform like Trustpilot, which restricts sponsored reviews.

screenshot of removed Trustpilot page about AppSally For Fraudulent Reviews

AppSally is trying to make money off of Trustpilot evaluations by paying users to post phony reviews. It is prohibited by Trustpilot, which places a high value on reviews’ honesty.

We typically like companies that try to be open and truthful with their customers. However, in this case, AppSally’s selling of Trustpilot evaluations raises additional questions about the validity of their offering.

Smart.Reviews For AppSally

There aren’t many reviews on either, but you may read some user feedback there. Here are some comments made by some of their previous customers.

Theodore M. reports that AppSally gave her no customer support and that there were several delays. In the end, she informed her bank about the fraud.

Screenshot of a negative review from appSally customer on

Quora Reviews For AppSally

Another customer who bought AppSally’s service for their Twitter account ended up with bots and empty accounts.

screenshot of upset AppSally customer left on Quota

Is AppSally Effective? Our Opinion

After reviewing virtually every page of AppSally’s website and weighing the service ratings provided by actual consumers, we have come to the following conclusion about the company.

Has a secured site using HTTPS
Services are expensive
Lots of service options for different social media sitesThe purchasing process of the services is ambiguous and confusing
Bad customer service reviews 
No reviews on Trustpilot (banned)
Negative feedback across review sites
No-refund are given
Doesn’t offer a free trial

What To Use Instead Of AppSally

The success of your entire company and brand is significantly impacted by the usage of social media platforms in marketing campaigns. You could see an early rise in followers, engagement, etc. for your social media platforms if services are acquired from the right website.

We don’t recommend AppSally to our readers because so many of its features are confusing and ultimately, dishonest. The company also offers fabricated customer reviews, which raises questions about the reliability of its own efficacy.

Written by Adisson Shae

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