Instafollowers Review: Is It Another Scam?

instafollowers review
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One of the popular strategies for accelerating Instagram growth is Instafollowers. It asserts that it can rapidly give individuals a sizable following on all social media platforms. However, is it truly a legitimate tool for Instagram growth? Find out in this Instafollowers review if they are worth it by reading my unbiased opinion.

Instagram marketing tools are some of the most effective strategies to reach more people on social media in a short amount of time. But with more users and companies joining the platform, it’s challenging to quickly build a sizable following and high-profile interaction.

For this reason, a lot of brands and influencers employ growth hacking techniques to increase the number of followers on their profile. Although there are numerous growth hacking tools available, you will also come across some sugar-coated products that will entice you with their alluring costs and promises of overnight success.

One company we always advise is Skweezer. I recommend doing your homework and opting for a service that is genuinely worth your money. You can read more about my Skweezer review if you’re looking for a tool to assist you achieve your desired marketing objective.

To assist you in making a selection, we have examined “Instafollowers,” another growth hacking application. Let’s find out more about Instagram followers and whether they are actually worth your money.

I also took the opportunity to mention a few other websites. Have a look at them:

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Instafollowers Explained provides customers with likes, followers, comments, and views on their social media profiles as a growth service. They concentrate on improving their clients’ Instagram presence, as their name would imply.

They do, however, also provide services for boosting profiles on other social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, etc. In addition, the website states that it provides “Professional SEO Services for Websites.”

This makes it yet another growth hacking tool that focuses on various social media platforms.

You can see the logos for the numerous Instagram services they provide as soon as you land on their webpage. There is also a lengthy list and logos of other platforms they offer services for after that. You may read more about how to use their services by scrolling down further.

instafollowers review

It is unusual for a website called Instafollowers to emphasize other platforms and offer their services given that they are Instagram’s rivals. Even if you are, how can one platform have such control over a wide range of social network accounts? 

Every platform has a unique algorithm and method of operation. The fact that their personnel is knowledgeable about every social media network defies logic.

Instafollowers Costs

Although the website is simple to use and browse, the information has several serious flaws. Various packages from Instafollowers are available for numerous social networking sites. For every service, you have the ability to select costs based on your budget.

You will always see a range of pricing on some form of “extreme sale” if you visit any of those sections. Don’t let this deceive you. Making their goods look enticing is simply a low-cost, somewhat successful marketing strategy.

The company’s website also explains why it is advantageous to test their service and offers a 24/7 customer assistance option in the bottom right-hand corner. There is also a list of perks associated with using their service, as well as reasons why Instagram followers are important.

Instafollowers Instagram

Starting at $0.60 for 10 followers and going up to $1,650 for 250000, they offer various Instagram follower packages.

screenshot of what users see when they visit their instagram followers packages

The likes packages offered by Instafollowers range from $0.40 for 10 likes to $155 for 50,000 likes. Additionally, the cost of views ranges from $0.30 for 100 views to $900 for 1,000,000 views.

Instafollowers Twitter

You must pay $1.50 for 50 Twitter followers, and $299 for 10,000 followers. For $0.50 per retweet and $899 for 50,000, respectively.

twitter followers services on instafollowers

Instafollowers Facebook Price Packages

Prices range from $5 for 100 likes on Facebook to $1700 for 100,000 likes. Additionally, a Facebook 5 star rating costs $3.50.

Facebook page like services on instafollowers

Instafollowers TikTok

You may get 100 followers at Instafollowers for $1.80 and 50,000 followers for $730. Additionally, their packages for views and likes range from 10 likes for $0.50 to 100,000 likes for $800. The cost of an Instafollowers views package is $0.60 for 100 views and $700 for 1,000,000 views.

tiktok views packages on instafollowers

Instafollowers Buy Backlinks

Although Instafollowers claims to provide backlinks, no costs are stated. When you choose how many backlinks and from whatever website you want, prices will be immediately applied.

backlink shopping experience on instafollowers

Additional Packages 

The tool asserts to offer services for Spotify, Reddit, Linkedin, and several more platforms in addition to the social networking platform mentioned above.

more services on instafollowers

We are puzzled as to how they are able to provide services for so many different platforms. Unless their service is dependent on phony profile involvement, bot followers, views, and likes. We are aware that obtaining fake likes, followers, and views might result in the suspension of your Instagram account. Instagram now has strict regulations against obtaining bot followers and fraudulent interaction.

Instafollowers User Reviews

Positive client feedback increases loyalty and trust while helping to set your business apart from competing ones. Additionally, product reviews encourage previous clients to interact with your business once more. Additionally, it encourages them to return for more. We looked up consumer reviews of Instafollowers on a number of well-known websites.

Instafollowers TrustPilot Reviews

There are 21 reviews for Instafollowers on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 1.8. These testimonials reveal a lot about the reliability of their services.

screenshot of Trustpilot average rating about instafollowers
a screenshot of negative review about instafollowers on Trustpilot
another among many negative review about instafollowers on Trustpilot website

Is Instafollowers Safe?

Reviews of Instafollowers and their claims to provide a variety of services without outlining even a single service’s process make it evident that they are most likely a fraud.

One of the most important factors to take into account while using any online service is the security of your information. This holds true for payments as well, not just Instagram. The customer review up top makes it clear that you cannot submit your credit card information to this website since it is insufficiently safe.

Although we are not persuaded, it may be a legitimate service, but they aren’t keeping their word.

Instafollowers: The Good & Bad

Placing an order seems simple on their easy-to-use websiteThe interactions and followers are bots
Bad reviews on Trustpilot
Too many services (not specialized)

Our Verdict 

You’ll be disappointed with Instafollowers if you’re seeking for a quick solution to increase your following count. The followers you get through Instafollowers are not actual users, and they won’t interact with your account or contribute to the expansion of your business.

By giving the impression that you are purchasing followers, which is against Instagram’s terms of service, using Instafollowers might damage your Instagram account.

When there are so many alternatives, Instafollowers is not worthwhile investing your time or money in. To achieve your marketing objectives, we advise selecting a more renowned and trustworthy social media growth agency.

Written by Adisson Shae

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