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instapromote review
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Another growth hacking tool that’s entered the social media market is Instapromote, which guarantees to provide its users with huge Instagram followings within 24 hours. Should you use Instapromote for your social media marketing campaign? Is it a reliable service? Learn why individuals aren’t persuaded of their reliability in this Instapromote review

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is one of the hardest social media networks to master. The competition is fiercer than ever on social media, making it harder than ever for users to gain a large following and penetrate their target audiences.

You can and should look at the good things, which in this case would be a service called Skweezer that helps you get more followers on Instagram. This service will help you in many ways with your Instagram account. Still not completely sure? Don’t worry, I’ve already reviewed it, and you can read it right here.

Many brands and influencers dream of expanding their Instagram followings and rising to fame. Even so, it’s challenging to accomplish, particularly as more and more brands and influencers use clever marketing to enter the Instagram market. A growth hacking tool might be useful in this situation.

Knowing the warning signs of different Instagram growth services will help you avoid wasting time and money on unreliable investments in the future. We advise against choosing any service that offers alluring claims. Instapromote, a different growth hacking tool, states that it will give consumers high-quality Instagram growth. But the truth of how it functions is another matter.

If you’re looking for potential alternatives, here are a few options to consider:

Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Skweezer4.76Check Price
GramFuel4.3Check Price
HOOTVIEW4.1Check Price
Tableview4.0Check Price

Instapromote Explained

Instapromote is an online growth hacking tool that provides Instagram engagement services such as followers, likes, automatic likes, and customized services. They identify themselves as a group of social media professionals that have provided Instagram solutions to over 10,000 consumers every day.

instapromote review

Instapromote boasts that its marketing reach includes thousands of new visits weekly and that followers and likes are delivered within an hour of an order being placed. This service’s main objective is to increase the Instagram-specific reach of your company’s online presence.

They don’t specify how they can make such a promise or build their network of admirers for you, but Instapromote asserts that they only gather the greatest quality followers on the internet. They state that their team of marketing professionals has over 10 years of expertise.

Additionally, the business promises to have 100,000+ pleased clients. They promise that because they never break Instagram’s rules and agreements, your account is secure with them.

Instapromote Packages

Customers of Instapromote can choose from a number of packages, starting with the beginning plan and moving up to the VIP package.

Followers Packages

Within 24 hours of making a purchase, Instapromote promises to deliver immediate followers to its consumers. Starting at $2.95 for starting packages, which include 100 Instagram followers, they go up to $39.95 for a VIP plan that includes 5000 followers.

screenshot of instapromote followers services

Likes Packages

Prices for Instapromote Likes Packages range from $2.95 for a starting plan that gives you 100 Instagram likes to $35.95 for a VIP package that gives you 5000 likes.

screenshot of instapromote likes services

Instapromote Views

They state that their Instagram views bundle offers you anything from 500 actual profiles views for $1.95 to 50,000 real profiles views for $74.95.

screenshot of instapromote views services

User Reviews for Instapromote

We learn through customer evaluations about the actual experiences of those who have utilized these services. However, we encountered a problem while looking for reviews of Instapromote.

Trustpilot Reviews

We were unable to locate any reviews on Trustpilot for a company that claims to have been in operation for more than ten years. Not even a profile at Trustpilot exists for them. When you look up the service name on Trustpilot, you get this.

screenshot of instapromote Trustpilot page

The profile does not comply with Trustpilot’s rules and conditions. The following factors may play a role in the suspension of a business’ Trustpilot rating:

  • It’s possible that Instapromote was discovered attempting to submit falsely positive ratings of themselves to Trustpilot. They risked having their profile blocked for submitting bogus reviews because Trustpilot has a zero-tolerance policy for them.
  • Even though it’s unlikely, someone may attempt to publish phony favorable evaluations in place of the business itself.

The biggest drawback of this scenario is that we are unable to get authentic Instapromote evaluations from actual clients.

Scamadviser Review

On Scamadviser, Instapromote has received a 58% Trustscore. The website has concluded that Instapromote may possibly be a “suspicious website.”

screenshot of average grading of instapromote on scamadviser website

The following analysis explains why the website received a 58% Trustscore. 

screenshot of good and negatives of instapromote on scamadviser

The Scamadviser site concludes that the Instapromote website has a poor rating and could be a hoax. Scamadviser goes on to describe the process by which it gives a business a certain trust score. It claims that before assigning a given score point to a firm or service, its algorithm examines more than 40 different data points.

But with all of that, it’s still not enough to convince us that the service is reputable enough to use, especially since there aren’t any reviews.

Is Instapromote Reliable?

Let’s consider whether Instapromote is really worth you spending money on.

Interactions Aren’t Authentic  

When the growth service offers speedy or instant delivery, try not to get too enthusiastic. In many cases, instant delivery (without any noticeable wait time) suggests that the provider will give you fake followers or will use artificial tactics to boost your profile.

Organic growth is crucial for Instagram (and most other social media sites). This indicates that the followers you purchase won’t visit your profile at once.

Instapromote violates Instagram’s terms of service by providing its services immediately, putting your account in jeopardy.

Instagram could identify an automated influx and delete your followers. But the best-case scenario is this. Instagram users have been banned on several occasions.


Instapromote fared poorly in terms of price. Its follower package prices seem to be significantly more than those of comparable providers.

Instapromote is not the best option for you if you’re seeking an affordable approach to get Instagram followers. Given that Instagram is the most popular social network, we think that growth services should maintain costs that are within reasonable ranges.

Poor Customer Service

You could assume that you should be able to easily get in touch with their customer support if you see a dramatic decline in followers or if there is a problem with the service you’ve purchased. Since email is Instapromote’s major method of communication, it’s not exactly simple to get in touch with them right away. Additionally, as we can’t find customer reviews, we don’t even know if Instapromote’s customer service even responds to queries. 

Instapromote: In Summary

The quality of Instapromote does not live up to their promises. According to what we’ve researched, they do not actually deliver high-quality, real people who will engage with your Instagram profiles.

Additionally, there are no user reviews to determine whether the business gives actual Instagram profile activity and real followers. This service is most likely a fraud because of their subpar customer service, inability to receive reviews, and low Scamadviser rating.

HTTPS Certified
Lacking customer service
Accepts different payment methods, including PaypalNot affordable
No user reviews found online
Provides fake interactions and growth 
Followers drop off not long after using the service
Trustpilot has banned the company.

Our Verdict

Any business nowadays must have a good social media marketing plan. There are better websites that can assist you in growing your social media following and engagements, particularly on Instagram.

The more followers you have on Instagram, the bigger your audience will be and the more successful your brand will be (whether you’re an influencer or offering products/services as a business). 

Written by Adisson Shae

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